A Gift of Music

Two very talented singer/songwriters and musicians extraordinaire were so kind to donate copies of their CDs to give to the staff in Nicaragua.

Some of you may remember Mark Tootle from the Christian Alternative band the 77s. I can remember going to one of their concerts in 1983 and seeing these crazy guys playing loud and long, writhing across the floor. Little did I know that 25 years later I would be singing with Mark and count him as a friend.

Mark's latest album, "Listen," is certainly a far cry from the musical stylings of the 77s. The beautiful arrangements and harmonies emphasize the heartfelt yearnings of Mark's lyrics.

Click here to preview the album and obtain information on ordering the CD.

Jebby is another dear friend and the musical genius behind the rock operas "Picture of Jesus" and "Brothers" and stage play, "A Mayberry Christmas."

The "Picture of Jesus" album is a full-length recording (2 CD set) of the rock opera. My husband, daughter, son and I have had the pleasure of performing in this amazing work several times over the last several years.

"Grateful" is a wonderful album of worship songs. Check out Jebby's MySpace to hear samples of his musical work.

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