Hola from Nicaragua!

I have limited access to the Internets down here, so I have been unable to post like I wanted to.

Right now, because of lack of time, I will just quickly post thoughts and hopefully fill in all the details later, along with pictures.

We´ve only been here five days, but so much has been packed in.

When our friends from Leon, Mike and Maria, picked us up in Managua Thursday, we took a quick tour of the city. We saw 6000 year old footprints discovered imbedded in volcanic ash, many monuments to the revolution and the cathedral of Managua, which is just a shell of a building as it was damanged by an earthquake in the early 1970´s.

Mike and Maria mentioned that even when they moved here in 2002 there was still rubble in the areas around the catedral, nearly 30 years later. It all seems to be cleared out now.

On Friday Maria, Sarah and I went on the tour of the Cathedral of Leon. We were able to go up on the roof and see sweeping vistas of the city with the volcanos in the background.

That evening we drove outside of Leon to visit a family who own a farm. We had to do a bit of four wheeling to cross a river to get to the farm. Henry (Enrique) and Fran (Francisca) are a precious Christian couple with three young boys.

Saturday we spent the whole day at the beach (tough, I know). It was beautiful sitting out on the veranda of a small hotel watching the waves crashing in.

Sunday we went to Mike and Maria´s church, Iglesia Christo Centro. It meets in the back of the pastor´s home. He built a large stage and the congregation sit on lawn chairs under a tin awning. We had a special time of worshiping through music with everybody clapping and dancing (they even started a spontaneous ¨conga¨line!). Pastor Freddy shared from the book of Joshua and the walls of Jerico.

Sunday, the mission team from Laredo, Texas arrived and we will be doing some work with them this week.

There is so much more I want to share, but alas, I have run out of time.

Anyway, we were able to stop by the Nehamiah center on our way out of town.

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