A Ministry After My Own Heart!

Many of you know I love to design and make jewelry so you can imagine my excitement when I read about a group of women at El Limonal.

Maria Saeli wrote in a recent newsletter: "At El Limonal a group of women are excited about recent training (through The Nehemiah Center) making beaded jewelry; plans are underway to set up a business. Their faces were all smiles as they told about expressing their creativity this way, and the fact that people actually paid them money for their bracelets, necklaces and such!"

I immediately emailed Maria expressing my desire to spend time with this women's group. She replied she was sure the women would appreciate spending time with me and crafting together and that, if I wanted to, I could bring jewelry magazines for inspiration, beads , tools and supplies.

After decades of civil wars, natural disasters and corrupt governments from diverse ideologies, Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with more than ½ the population living on less than $2 a day.

NicaMade is a business begun by Food for the Hungry (FH) staff member Shannon Ahern to help Nicaraguan families earn a "livable income" by working with others in their community to produce and sell quality products using Christian business practices. While every community has resources and talent, what they often do not know is what they can produce at a profit and how to finance and market these products. NicaMade partners with communities where FH-Nicaragua and The Nehemiah Center are working in order to provide guidance and resources, including workshops addressing such topics as Christian business principles, the importance of savings and technical skill development.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know of a coffee shop in the region where you can even buy a latte for less than $2.00. What a different world.