Marie here~

I am so excited to be going on this trip with my precious mother and beloved daughter.

We are the "Sarah Generations".

Here's a photo of my mother, Sarah Thedaev, at 10 months of age in 1925. At age 83, she's still going strong. Several times a year she'll jump in her Prius and embark on road trips heading to destinations such as Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas visiting friends and family. This is, of course, on her own. We finally convinced her to take a cell phone along - nothing like being stuck out in the middle of the Nevada desert...

A true Child of the Depression, my mother is a jack of all trades. Up to a few years ago, Mom would drive around in a large Dodge Ram truck with all her power tools in the back. If something needed fixing, Mom was the one to call.


And here I am, Sarah Marie, at age 6 months in 1965 - yes, that makes me 43. When I was about 12 or 13, I decided that I wanted to be called by my second name - asserting my individuality, I suppose.

In addition to being a wife and mother, I work full-time. I'm also very involved in my church; singing in the worship team. I love performing arts and participated in a couple of shows last year: Club Neighborhood 2007 - a Big Band Extravaganza and A Mayberry Christmas.


Here's my precious daughter Sarah Elaine at age 15 months in 1993.

Nearly 16 years old, Sarah is co-editor of her high school yearbook. She's also very involved in the youth groups of First Baptist and Cordova Neighborhood Churches. Between school and church activities she keeps very busy, but still finds time to attend concerts of her favorite "indie" Christian bands.

More to come...

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